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2017 Oregon Leadership Academy - The Academy will be held with new participants at the event dates/locations below. Applications for the 2017 Oregon Leadership Academy are available from jcollins@oregonrealtors.org and are due back to OAR by Sept. 6, 2016. Contact OAR with any specific questions. 



Congratulations, 2016 Graduates! 

Congratulations to the 2016 graduating class of the Oregon Leadership Academy! It was the culmination of a four-month, three-session training and development program held in locations across the state. Through the program, the Association identifies emerging REALTOR® leaders, motivates them, and sharpens their leadership skills. Following completion, the Association expects graduates to exert a strong, positive influence on the future of the Association and the real estate profession. Look out for these up-and-comers in future leadership positions for your industry!

2016 OLA Graduates' Names

Oregon Leadership Academy+

The Oregon Association of REALTORS® is proud to continue the Oregon Leadership Academy in 2016. After its return last year following a multi-year hiatus, 15 new graduates have joined the ranks and we're now working on graduating the next class this year.

Academy participants will work together in training courses, combining individual study, group session, and actual project experience in using leadership skills. Training sessions include identification of leadership skills, team-building exercises, procedures for goal setting, personal profile analysis, network building, and improving communications skills.

We recognize that leadership development is an essential element in the process of improving our associations and our profession. Thus, we continue to operate this program on our own until Washington has a successful class series under their belt again as well. A possible collaboration could be in the works for 2017 and beyond.

The Oregon Leadership Academy is a program to help identify emerging REALTOR® leaders and assist in sharpening their leadership skills.  We do this hoping these leaders will exert a strong, positive influence on the future of the REALTOR® organization and the real estate profession.



  • Identify Oregon REALTORS® who have demonstrated leadership potential through job-related and community activities
  • Train participants by developing leadership skills
  • Motivate participants by:
    • Increasing awareness of real estate and association management issues and challenges
    • Involving in problem-solving activities on issues of current interest
    • Developing leaders across the state who are actively involved in improving our Association and profession


2016 OLA Graduates


2015 OLA Graduates

REALTOR® Leadership Program+

The REALTOR® Leadership Program (RLP) is designed to produce quality REALTOR® leaders that are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead local and state associations. The REALTOR® Leadership Program focuses on key leadership skills and association management, including:

  1. Strategic planning
  2. Risk management
  3. Building relationships with volunteers
  4. Conflict resolution
  5. Association structure
  6. Governance



Leadership 100 is optional and offered online.

Leadership 200 and Leadership 300 are taught by OAR CEO Dr. John Wallace in one, combined full-day session. One of only 16 certified RLP instructors in the nation, he will bring your association excellent leadership training that will enhance your resume and position you for leadership opportunities in OAR and NAR.

RLP is open to all REALTORS®. Participants will receive a REALTOR® Leadership Program certificate upon completion. This training is not valid for CE credit.

If you are interested in bringing the REALTOR® Leadership Program to your office, brokerage, or association, contact OAR for ways to offer Leadership 200 and Leadership 300.