Oregon Real Estate Agency

The Oregon Real Estate Agency (OREA) is the department of State government whose purpose is to provide quality protection for Oregon consumers of real estate, escrow, and land development services, balanced with a professional environment conducive to a healthy real estate market.

The Agency's responsibilities, administered by the Real Estate Commissioner, include:

  • Licensing and regulation of:
    • Real estate brokers, principal brokers, and property managers
    • Escrow and escrow agents
    • Real estate marketing organizations
  • Examination and education for brokers, principal brokers, and property managers
  • Course oversight of Agency-certified Oregon real estate education providers
  • Monitoring regulated activities in escrow organizations and real estate offices
  • Conducting investigations and hearings when complaints are filed against licensees, registrants, and real property developers

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Continuing Education Requirements+

The Oregon Real Estate Agency mandates that all real estate licensees must take a minimum total of 30 continuing education (CE) hours, per renewal period. This includes a 3 hour Law & Rule Required Course.  

Rules & Requirements - The Oregon Real Estate Agency

Per, the Oregon Real Estate Agency...

  • All licensees are required to maintain their own CE records and keep all certificates of attendance for three years after a renewal period. You will enter your CE information via their e-License portal when renewing your license. 
  • All CE must be provided from a Certified Continuing Education Provider.
  • All CE must fall under a required topic.
  • All Real Estate Continuing Education rules.

CE Certificates

Following each OAR CE course, CE certificates will be available via your Member Profile within a week.

If the course was not hosted by OAR, you will need to follow-up with the appropriate Certified Provider for questions.

We have provided this quick reference guide with directions on completing and tracking your 30 hours of CE each renewal period using the OREA record-keeping form and OAR certificates.

Past Courses

OAR only has records of the courses you have taken with us. If you have taken a course with another Certified Provider, you need to follow-up with them for questions.

Licensing Requirements +

All real estate licenses are obtained through the Oregon Real Estate Agency. The information below is provided on behalf of the Agency. Contact the Agency directly with any additional questions.

Initial Real Estate License

New Broker License

New Principal Broker License


Real Estate License Renewal

Your real estate license must be renewed every two years. The renewal date is the last day of your birth month, every two years after you received your initial license. You must meet these requirements in order to renew:

Renew your Broker License

Renew your Principal Broker License

    • Complete a 3 hour Law and Rule Required Course (LARRC) from a Certified Continuing Education Provider, every license period.
    • A minimum of 27 additional hours of continuing education in required topics.If your 1st active license renewal is on or after July 1, 2019, you have to take the 27-hour Principal Broker Advanced Practices (PBAP) course. PBAP courses will be available after 10/1/2018. See the April 2018 issue of the Oregon Real Estate News-Journal for more information. (Source: OREA, 2018)
    • Go to eLicense to renew your license and pay renewal fee.

Offering CE Credit+

For a full list of rules and requirements to offer Oregon CE credit, go to the OREA's website.

If you are already and Oregon CE Provider, you can use the OREA's CE certificate form for your students.