Oregon REALTORS® Online Learning

Have you ever attended an OAR webinar or accessed past recorded webinars on OAR's Webinar Library? We uploaded recorded versions of our live webinars to our Webinar Library for you to access, free of charge, as a member benefit, but they are only for your edification and do not count for Oregon CE credit. After member feedback and requests for a way to watch a live webinar at a later date while still receiving Oregon CE credit, we created an online platform for that to happen! We are proud to announce Oregon REALTORS® Online Learning is open for business!

We have selected some of the most valuable instructional videos and repackaged them as online courses. For a nominal price of $10/course, you can now watch previous webinars at your convenience and receive CE credit! There are currently 25+ webinars adding up to 30+ CE hours available for your to take. Take courses on diverse topics ranging from easements, appraisals, title reports, and much more! Additionally, we'll be adding more courses every month, so check back for new ones. You can get your education while at home, during down time at the office, or traveling! Use your computer, tablet, or phone and browse our course catalog today! If you do not have an Absorb account, click the blue button and select Sign Up on the Absorb webpage to create one!


*Please note, our live webinars are sold by location and can be offered for CE credit for all agents in attendance at a select location. The Oregon REALTORS Online Learning courses are strictly sold per person. 

Current Course Catalog+

  • Avoiding the Specter of Elder Abuse - 1 CE hr
  • Basics of Easements - 1 CE hr
  • Closing Disclosure Changes, CFPB Rules & How They Affect You - 1 CE hr
  • DEQ Septic Inspection Disclosure Rules - 1 CE hr
  • Facts & Data on the New LP Siding - 1 CE hr
  • Fiduciary Duties and Working with Multiple Parties - 1 CE hr
  • Flood Insurance Program Changes - 1 CE hr
  • Home Inspections: Preparing for the Unexpected - 1 CE hr
  • How to Master Your zipForm® Program - 3 CE hrs
  • Issues Impacting Appraisals - 1.5 CE hrs
  • Legal Capacity: Working with a Questionably Competent Client - 1.5 CE hrs
  • Marijuana in Real Estate Update: Changes on the Natinal and State Level - 1 CE hr
  • Omitted Property Issues - 1.5 CE hrs
  • Property Management - 1 CE hr
  • Property Taxes and The Appeal Process - 1.5 CE hrs
  • Reading and Understanding Title Reports - 1 CE hr
  • Real Estate Implications of Marijuana Legalization - 1.5 CE hrs
  • Reverse Mortgages 101 - 1 CE hr
  • Seller-Carry Financing: The Role of a Real Estate Licensee - 1.5 CE hrs
  • The Credit System is Changing - 1 CE hr
  • The Golden Handoff - 1 CE hr
  • The Green Rush Part 1: What are your Obligations under Oregon’s Marijuana Laws? - 1 CE hr
  • The Green Rush Part 2: Navigating Real Estate Issues - 1 CE hr
  • They Finally Got Hitched - RESPA and TILA Tie the Knot - 1.5 CE hrs
  • Transactions Involving Bankruptcy - 1 CE hr
  • Updates for Selling Oregon HUD Homes - 1.5 CE hrs
  • Working with Client's Animals - 1 CE hr

Courses Being Added Soon+

  • 2018 OREF Forms Changes - 1.5 CE hrs
  • Available Client Loan Programs - 1.5 CE hrs
  • Client Estate Planning: Implications for a Broker - 1 CE hr
  • Condominium Conversions - 1 CE hr
  • Domestic Well Safety for the 'Well' Rounded REALTOR® - 1.5 CE hrs
  • Landlord/Tenant Laws: What You Need to Know - 1 CE hr
  • Lead Paint Testing: Why It Can’t Be Ignored - 1 CE hr
  • Mold & Moisture Awareness - 1 CE hr
  • Reconsideration of Value and Request for Appraisals - 1 CE hr
  • Seller Financing Update - 1.5 CE hrs
  • Seller Financing: OREF Update - 1.5 CE hrs
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms in Transactions - 1 CE hr
  • Ways to Hold Title and the Legal Ramifications - 1 CE hr
  • Well and Onsite Sewage Addenda - 2 CE hrs
  • Working with Real Estate Investors Series - 6 CE hrs
  • 1031 - Soups to Nuts - 1.5 CE hrs
  • FIRPTA & POA Explained - 1 CE hr
  • How to Maneuver in the World of Appraisals - 1 CE hr
  • Maneuvering in a Divorce Situation - 1 CE hr
  • OREA on Advertising Rules and More! - 1 CE hr
  • Working with Clients' Animals from Accommodations to Safety - 1 CE hr